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IKAT BERLIN 20.04.2024

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IKAT Berlin

The INTERNATIONAL KARATE TOURNAMENT BERLIN (IKAT BERLIN) is an exciting new sporting event that will take place in Berlin every year. The IKAT BERLIN is organised and excecuted by the Berlin clubs

  • Toruko SV Berlin e.V.
  • SC Siemensstadt Berlin e.V.
  • Shidokan e.V.
  • Karate Club Shanghai e.V.
  • Polizei SV Berlin e.V. - Abt. Karate

and promises to be an excellent competition experience.

The tournament not only offers competitions for standard karate, but also for para-karate. Participation in para-karate is even free of charge!

The organising team attaches great importance to excellent organisation and professional execution in order to offer all participants a smooth and unforgettable tournament experience.

The IKAT BERLIN is a must for every karate fan and offers an excellent opportunity to marvel at the skills of athletes from all over the world. Become a part of this exciting event and experience first-class karate in the vibrant city of Berlin!

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Medals IKAT BERLIN 2024


Registrations for the IKAT BERLIN 2024 are only possible via the online platform sportdata until 7 April 2024. There you will also find the invitations to tender.

Use the following link to go directly to IKAT BERLIN 2024 on sportdata. Secure your starting places now and take part in this exciting sporting event!

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IKAT BERLIN 20.04.2025

competition Location

Sports Centre Siemensstadt

Sports Centre Siemensstadt

IKAT BERLIN will take place at the Siemensstadt Sports Centre, which is run by SC Siemensstadt, one of Berlin's largest sports clubs.

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Sports hall of the Siemensstadt Sports Centre

sports hall

IKAT BERLIN will take place in the sports hall of the Siemensstadt Sports Centre. This hall offers the best conditions for participants and guests.

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Buolstraße 14 in 13629 Berlin

The Siemensstadt sports centre is located in the Siemensstadt district of the Berlin borough of Spandau.

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